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The Team always puts attention on all types of tattoos either it is very small or big. Even simple shapes of tattoos are very important for us as it requires focus and quality of work same as integrated tattoos.

Show your personality

Each tattoo is special in its own way and shows the personality of an individual. Hence, it is the extension your being. So, we suggest you choose wisely your Tattoo designs. And only a good artist can help you out in a right way.

We know your style better

One of the best tattoo studios in Indore, Mr Ink Tattoos & Training School puts their customer’s safety as priority.

End-to-end solutions for the Tattoo industry

Every query that comes under permanent tattoos, will be taken care by us. We have researched and worked with thousands of clients; hence our experience will help you choose the right placement and design.

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Attention to details is what makes Bifrost different from the other themes.

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About MR Ink Tattos

The basic idea behind starting up this studio came up after seeing lack of professionalism and sincerity amongst the artist and also the customer about this art. Behind a design, there’s always a story and it’s a serious form of art as it will be a part of your life. That’s why every tattoo is special, either it is small or big as it relates to the client’s needs and emotions. So, this idea strikes us, and we decided to make people understand that it’s a respectful and creative profession which let us share love, music, and art.

Why MR Ink Tattos?

  • We are creative with a passion of work.
  • Our Team listen to client’s needs for a tattoo to create a unique customized design as per the requirements.
  • Impressive list of satisfied clients.

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Prices start which comfort your pocket and walk-ins are welcomed too! Prices for tattoos are based on size and on how detailed the tattoo is.


Our artist will work with you to create the exact design you are seeking in a relaxed, comfortable, and clean environment. Here, at Mr Ink Tattoos we strongly believe in the unique artistry of the tattoo. Our artists pride themselves on taking their time and using their expert skills to create designs that caters the individual. Although we try our best to provide our customers with accurate price quotes, the final cost of your tattoo will come down to a combination of factors that are best discussed in the studio itself.

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We like to experiment and develop our own products.